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Full Day Anakena (+ Box Lunch)

Country: Chile
City: Central Valley & Easter Island
Duration: 7 Hour(s) - 0 Minute(s)
Tour Category: Trekking

Package Itinerary

Departure from our hotel at Easter Island to the east of the island to visit the Ahu Vaihu and Akahanga, temples formed by platforms or stone altars where Moais (huge monolithic figures carved of volcanic stone) and Pukaos (the hats or top knots formerly placed on top of some Moai statues) are assembled together. Continuing our trip, we will go to Rano Raraku, a volcanic crater formed of consolidated ash, which contains also a lagoon. The volcano has a historical significance for the island, because on its slopes the Moais were carved. Currently there remain 397 of these impressive sculptures.
Then we will visit the most surprising Ahu, a ceremonial platform, on the island. Ahu Tongariki has got 15 huge Moais. But in fact, it is Te Pito Kura which has the largest statue erected on an Ahu, the Moai Paro, with 10 meters high and 85 tons in weight. Next to Te Pito Kura we will find a large spherical stone which is identified as the navel of the world - Te Pito o Te Henua.
Finally, we will finish our day resting at Anakena, the most popular beach on the island. Besides its natural beauty, what makes it a unique beach is a row of Moais which turn their backs to the sea. Definitely Anakena is an unique landscape to enjoy before returning to our hotel at Easter Island.
This tour includes:
  • Pick-up and drop off from Hanga Roa hotels
  • Bilingual guide (Spanish and English)
  • Box Lunch
  • Passenger Transport Insurance

This tour excludes:

  • Entrance fee to Rapa Nui National Park - this ticket is required to visit the park
  • Pick-up or drop off from Explora or Altiplanico hotels
  • Gratuities (optional)

Things you need to know:

  • Pick up and drop-off is from Hanga Roa hotels only; pickups are not available from the pier or cruise ship port
  • Maururu Travel reserves the right to give the excursions according to the itinerary it deems according to weather conditions or other



  • It is recommended to bring: towel, sunblock, sunglasses, swimsuit, waterproof walking shoes (in Winter) and a camera

Pick-up is at 09:00 AM according to your tour time option.

The schedule will be always confirmed by the executive the day before the excursion.

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