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Hotel Rio Serrano
Torres Del Paine National Park
Torres Del Paine, Chile

The hotel gets its name after the sinuous Serrano River, which is born in the waters of Toro Lake and leads into Ultima Esperanza Sound. Its unique location, in front of the Torres del Paine and surrounded by an astonishing nature, gives the perfect amalgam of design, quality and comfort keeping in mind the fragile ecosystem. The decoration of Rio Serrano Hotel is both warm and cosy with architectonical lines that merge fineness and rustic. They have been designed to provide that unique home atmosphere. Wood and stone make the perfect blend, that together with a fireplace set scene of pure relaxation. The hotel is surrounded by a breathtaking natural beauty which has spectacular view from all our facilities. The spacious areas give emphasis to elegance and quality assuring a quiet and peaceful atmosphere.

Torres del Paine was first declared National Park on May 13th 1959; UNESCO declared it Biosphere Reservation on April 28th 1978. The park is part of the National System of Protected Wild Areas and it has a total surface of 242.242 hectares. The park has a microclimate that derives in mild winters, and in the rainy season, the downpours do not go over the 85mm. During winter, the wind is rather irregular, while in summer it can reach over 100 km/h. The dominant wind comes from the west and it is intense during summer and spring. Torres del Paine is located in the Magallanes Region, between the massif of the Andes mountains and the Patagonian steppe, in the Ultima Esperanza province, county of Torres del Paine. Hotel Rio Serrano is located at the entrance of Torres del Paine National Park.

With its incomparable Paine Massif panoramic view you will enjoy of our high quality gourmet gastronomy. A variety of dishes will make your meals different every day, offering you also a wide range of typical food, all of these have the purpose that our guests can know in situ the Patagonican gastronomy. Also you can enjoy one of the biggest wine cellars of the area.

It has a capacity for 200 people making it a unique place to give you the comfort you need to share with family, friends or for couples.

Our Dickson Bar distinguishes itself by its varied snack menu and beverages to enjoy at any time of day always accompanied by the majestic views of the Paine Massif characteristic of our hotel.

At night an enjoyable atmosphere to suit all tastes, where you can enjoy some drink or snack to the rhythm of the music, you will love this cosmopolitan center at Rio Serrano Hotel.

Our rooms were built to make your stay as relaxing as possible. The building technologies employed assured the complete isolation from the rest of the guests’ rooms and other dependences of the property. The wide space of our Macizo Paine Rooms (32 sqm) was specially conceived for giving our guests all the comfort needed in order to take full advantage of this unique nature experience, with the spectacular panoramic view of the Macizo Paine right outside the window. Our Balmaceda Rooms (24 smq) offers our guests the same exact high-end quality inside, with the view of the Balmaceda Mountain as the background scenery.

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