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Exploring Deeply Easter Island Tour

Country: Chile
City: Easter Island
Duration: 5 Day(s) - 4 Night(s)
Tour Category: Adventure Tours
Departure Date: Thu 01 Jan '99

Package Itinerary

Day 01: Easter Island - Horse Riding.

Reception at the airport with a flower necklace. Transfer from Mataveri airport to the hotel.

Hiking horseback coming from Tahai to the north coast, visiting some archaeological caves and platforms, Terevaka volcano, back to Hanga Roa.

Day 02: Poike Volcano Adventure Tour. (Private Service)

From the slopes of the Poike volcano walk climb Vai to visit Vai a Heva, ana o te moai, maunga tea, maunga Parehe and the mysterious cave of the virgins. Return to the hotel.

Day 03: Full-Day Excursion. (Regular Service Tuesday, Thursday, Saturday)

Departing from the town, visiting the Southeast and Northeast coast; Vaihu temples, Akahanga, Tongariki, Te Pito Kura, Nau nau, Rano Raraku Quarry, Anakena Beach. Return to the village, including picnic lunch.

Day 04: Walk Inside the Volcano Rano Kau. (Private Service)

Departing from the town coming to Rano Kau, start walking around inside the volcano where we can observe archeology, petroglyphs, fruit trees, native plants of Rapa Nui, the Kari Kari (cliff), and the lagoon.

Day 05: Easter Island.

Free morning to visit the town and shop for souvenirs.

Transfer from hotel to the airport.

Farewell with a souvenir from the Island.


- Transfer in/out airport.

- Welcome with a flower necklace.

- Lodging in a hotel.

- Breakfast.

- Excursions.

- Snack included in the itinerary.

- Hotel Iorana option includes half board.

Not Included:

- Air tickets.

- Meals

- Park entrances fees.

- Travel insurance.

- Extras.

General Conditions:

- Rates for a minimum of 2 passengers.

- Excursions are subject to change according to weather conditions. In this case, will be replaced by other regular excursions.

More About Easter Island:

Known as Rapa Nui to its earliest inhabitants, the island was christened Paaseiland, or Easter Island, by Dutch explorers in honor of the day of their arrival in 1722. It was annexed by Chile in the late 19th century and now maintains an economy based largely on tourism.

When it rains on the island, also known as Rapa Nui, the water rapidly drains through the porous volcanic soil, leaving the grass dry again. That's one reason why the island at the end of the world has stayed almost entirely bare, with no trees or shrubs.

If the moai and unique history of the island is intriguing and you want to prioritize Easter Island over perhaps another highlight of Chile, then you should make the effort. The natural beauty, stunning moai, and modern Polynesian culture are very much worth the trip.

Air travel is the simplest way to get to Easter Island. Latam Airlines is the only airline that manages flights to the island in Latin America, and the only direct flight leaves from Santiago, Chile.

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