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Caldera And Bahia Inglesa

Caldera And Bahia Inglesa, Chile


Caldera located 75 km northeast of Copiapó. In the old days it was the port for the city of Copiapó, since it was from there that minerals extracted from the mine of Chañarcillo were exported. Today it is one of the most important resorts of the region.
Caldera is made up of 3 bays with warm waters, interconnected by paved roads. The first is Playa Mansa located right opposite the city, Playa Brava lies to the extreme north, and finally Playa Loreto, 3 km southeast.
During the year, the port has a very varied commerce, ranging from the first grapes of the year, destined for international markets, to the transport of copper concentrate. It’s also an important unloading point for traditional and industrial fishermen.
You should visit the San Vicente Church, built in 1862, and towards the coast, the Railroad Station built in 1850.
Bahia Inglesa ("English Bay") is a village and beach located near the port of Caldera in Atacama Region, Chile.
With a population of 135 inhabitants (census 2002), it owes its name to the visit of the English privateer Edward Davis. Bahia Inglesa is renowned for its white sands and warm waters, as well as its accommodations. Campgrounds, hotels, restaurants and summer houses offer lodging to visitors.[1]
Some of the better known beaches are La Piscina (The Swimming Pool), Las Machas (The Clams), Playa Blanca (White Beach) and El Chuncho (The Owl). The place in addition enjoys a year-round mediterranean climate.

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