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Cultural Center Palacio La Moneda

Santiago, Chile


Located under the government Palace " La moneda, Santiago downtown.
The Foundation
The foundation Centro Cultural Palacio La Moneda is a private non-profit organization that aims to develop, study, disseminate, promote and preserve all forms of art, culture and education. Its Board, chaired by the Minister of Culture, is made up of nine members representing public and private institutions and people with many years experience in the cultural field.
To provide a wide access to art exhibitions, to the country´s cultural and audiovisual heritage and to contemporary national art productions as part of a holistic experience of citizen participation incorporating various mediation tools and additional services.
To be the country´s major exhibition center, with high visibility and accessibility, a national benchmark in terms of exhibition management.
To offer the public a space of encounter, recreation, education and enjoyment of culture through a series of high quality programs with great artistic, cultural, national and universal value.
To contribute to the enhancement of the lives of all Chileans and foreigners who visit us, by providing a space of appreciation and enjoyment of the national and international cultural heritage.
DictionaryTo contribute to the consolidation and enhancement of cultural identity through knowledge and understanding of the roots, history, creativity, heritage and cultural diversity.
To generate an experience of integration into the global culture that promotes the recognition of commom and distinctive features with other culturesTTo generate an experience of integration into the global culture which promotes awareness of common and distinctive features with other cultures.
To promote peaceful coexistence, appreciation and respect for cultural diversity.
To generate educational opportunities for students with regard to national and international cultural heritage.
Program Guidelines
To combine national and international exhibits in our programs
To present large exhibitions, with a high artistic and cultural value
To conduct mediation programs and activities that promote access and enjoyment of the exhibits
To conduct educational activities for audiences
To conduct activities that enhance citizen participation
To contribute to teachers work in the field of visual arts
To provide a stable space for the dissemination of design
To disseminate photography and contemporary art through additional exhibits

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