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Huilo Huilo

Northern Patagonia, Chile


In the middle of the Andes Patagonian of southern Chile, in the heart of the Valdivian Ecoregion, 40° south latitude, Region of Los Ríos (XIV), Panguipulli zone, is "Huilo Huilo", the Biological Reserve at South of the World,  a private protected area with 100,000 hectares of native forest, supports a diversity of high natural value.
"Patagonia occupies the southernmost tip of South America, a vast territory of more than 900,000 square kilometers. This triangular shaped region extending south of the Colorado River in Argentina and Valdivia River in Chile to Tierra del Fuego. The landscape Patagonia offers the abrupt contrasts: plains and terraces to the east where the dominant vegetation is herbaceous and shrub steppe and the Andes to the west by glacial lakes, streams and dense forests."
The Patagonian temperate rainforest is located in Chilean territory, between latitude 38° 30'S to 55° 30'S, west of the Cordillera de los Andes. It is characterized by abundant rainfall received throughout the year and summers.
This rainy weather is the result of winds that carry anticyclonic winds of South Pacific, which is condensed by the cold Humboldt coastal. Upon entering the continent, as rain falls to the Andes and dissipated when it hit dry winds from the Patagonian steppe of Argentina.
Inside the Patagonian jungle Neltume is located, a timber town located in a mountain setting of great natural beauty. Its name derives from Mapudungun and means "Go to Freedom" (Neltún: set free, Men: go there). In this area of ​​the mountain rage there is no Chilean or foreign presence until 1870.
By the late nineteenth century the city of Valdivia was in continuous development, which led to a significant increase in the levels of the population, to meet its needs the exploitation of forests began to be a vital economic resource.
Do not forget that the Reserve is one of the few places in the world covered with temperate rain forest where we can enjoy the perception of wildlife in all its glory. Respect the natural rhythm of it and its ecosystems, future generations will enjoy the wonders of the cold forest, a world heritage site.
Conservation is a constant challenge and a long-term task. Chile is country with an important geography and natural values, especially the mountain ranges of the Andes and the Patagonian jungle which is the home of Huilo Huilo. It is important to understand that conservation is everyone's job, and without the support and commitment of the community and the authorities any task would be pointless and would not be possible.
"There are still magical places on earth where life develops at a natural pace, we invite you to be part of this world" Raulíes, coigues and mañíos, add color to magical places where a shelter in the middle of native forest, is the starting point for numerous activities related to nature. The subdivision was developed around forest clearings, with pedestrian walkways that connect the land and lead to lookouts and points of interest, allowinga privileged view of the volcano-Choshuenco Mocho.

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