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Pucatrihue, Maicolpueand Bahia Mansa

Osorno, Chile


Osorno is a city and commune in southern Chile and capital of Osorno Province in the Los Lagos Region. It had a population of 145,475, as of the 2002 census. It is located 945 kilometres (587 mi) south of the national capital of Santiago, 105 kilometres (65 mi) north of the regional capital of Puerto Montt and 260 kilometres (160 mi) west of the Argentine city of San Carlos de Bariloche, connected via International Route 215 through the Cardenal Antonio Samoré Pass.
Located at the confluence of Rahue and Damas River Osorno is the main service centre of agriculture and cattle farming in the northern Los Lagos Region. The city's cultrual heritage is shaped by Spanish, Huilliche and German influences.
San Juan de la Costa is a commune of Chile, located in the Osorno Province in the Los Lagos Region. The capital town of Puaucho  is located 34 km from Osorno. San Juan de la Costa is known for its large population of indigenous Huilliches. This commune is characterized by a large coastline suitable for ecotourism, especially spas Pucatrihue and Maicolpué , the port of Bahía Mansa , and the ethnic tourism of the Huilliche culture.
Pucatrihue located 69 km west of Osorno and 4 km from Maicolpué. It is a popular resort that is usually packed in summer. The beach is 3 km in length extending all the way from the Contraco River to the Choroy Traiguén River. Along the waterfront you can see summer houses on the dunes, rocks and cliffs.

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