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Viña Del Mar

Viña Del Mar, Chile


Viña del Mar is part of an ongoing Pacific Ocean coastal urban center, built around the estuary of the Marga Marga.
It is a popular tourist destination, with one of the most visited beaches in Latin America. It is also home to the Festival de la Canción Internacional - e industrial, a well known musical festival which takes place in February each year.
Many of the regions main roads come together on the Autopista del Mar, which unite the many local agricultural populations. With regards to its industrial activities, they include of sugar refinement, vegetable oil, fruits and petrochemical production, as well as wine, textiles and soap.
The city includes beautiful mansions, luxurious hotels, parks and gardens, social clubs, a casino, a municipal theatre, sporting facilities (such as the horseracing track and the famous Valparaíso Sporting Club) as well as many beaches. The palace on the Cerro Castillo is the summer residence for the Chilean president.

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